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Select Clinics and Professional Development Seminars:

"Vocal Anatomy, Health and Well-ness: For the singer who wants to be a better singer" - Clinic for church and community choral ensembles

"Vocal Works:  Stop teaching band-aids and start teaching skills" - Professional Development seminar for the HS Choral Conductor

"Laying the foundation for responsible singers:  Voice Building in the Middle School Choral Program" - Professional Development seminar for Middle School and General Music Teachers 

(Durham County Schools - Summer 2020)

"Debunking the Myths of Vocal Maturity and Immaturity:  Age appropriate deficits or just plain bad singing?"  - Professional Development seminar for Youth Choir Directors and Church Musicians

"Introduction to Corndog Pedagogy:  It's just air in a tube"  -  Clinic/guest lecture for collegiate ensembles

(Georgia State University Choirs - Fall 2020)

(Missouri State University Choirs - Spring 2020)

Collegiate Choral Clinic - 4 Lecture Sequence:

     1 - "Hear the Breath"

     2 - "The Tube, The Tongue, and The Tall Neck"

     3 - "The tip of the tongue and the teeth and the lips:  The real story on vowels and consonants"

     4 - "Stop breathing and start prepping"

(BYU Choirs - Fall 2020)

Collegiate Choral Clinic - 2 Lecture Sequence:

     1 - "What singers need to know about VOCAL ANATOMY"

     2 - "Intro to Corndog Pedagogy: What is singing?"


           (EAC Vocal Studies - Fall 2021)

Band-aids and Breakthroughs:  Shifting your rehearsal 'ears' and your perspective

          (Gaston County Schools Professional Development - Spring 2024)

Recent Conference Presentations:

"Bridging the gap between the collegiate choral conductor and the solo vocal pedagogue:  A candid conversation about technique" with Dr. Andrew Crane

(Utah Music Educators Association - 2/3/2018 ; North Carolina Music Educators Association - 11/3/2018)

"Vocal Works and Choral Pedagogy:  Clearing up common misconceptions about how the voices works"

(ArtsR4Life Conference, Raleigh NC 9/8/18)

"Voice Science and Choral Pedagogy:  Stop putting "band-aids" on the sound.  Teach them to sing!"

(Missouri Choral Directors Association - July 18, 2019)

"The Vocal Pedagogue in the Choral Rehearsal - Navigating the female voice:  Sopranos and Altos and Chest Voice, Oh My!"

(NC ACDA - October 5, 2019)

"The Game Changer:  Are we missing the obvious?  A frank and radical look at our singers' vocal technique" with Dr. Andrew Crane

(Western Division ACDA, Salt Lake City, UT - March 2020)


"REBUILDING YOUR ENSEMBLE’S SOUND: A demonstration session"

           (NC ACDA - October 9, 2021)

"The Game Ghanger: A look at vocal technique from the conductor's podium" with Dr. Andrew Crane

          (NCMEA - November 2023)

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